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5 hours ago

Houston Astros

Houston. Tomorrow. Game 6.

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Houston. Tomorrow. Game 6. 


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We’re fine. We just took 2 of 3 on their home field. Let’s win it in front of our fans!

Thanks guys, there's nothing like celebrating in our own stadium! Cole's more than ready to finish them at the Minute Maid Park!

Have a safe trip back to Houston. We'll be cheering for you tomorrow. ☺

We got this! Bringing it home Stros! 🀘🏼

Despite the first inning, we pitched well enough to win this game. We just need some offense going. Tomorrow's another day boys. Let's #TakeItBack

Well I was good if we finished them up in NY ...But now they can come home and finish up in our Home field !!! GO ASTROS !!!!!!

You can finish it off tomorrow! Safe travels home!!

I feel like our lineup needs adjustments

Always thought they would win at least 1 at home. It’s fine now we can clinch in our house with our fans!

Hard to win when the bats don’t show up. I really hope they finish this up tomorrow. Don’t leave it up to a deciding game 7.

Should've saved Verlander for Saturday, game 6 at home. The odds , the probability that Houston would sweep NY there was slim.

Win or lose I love my Astros. Good game let bring down the house tomorrow..

One bad inning....Justin settled nicely. We stranded too many runners.....but you all know this. Tomorrow is another day, tomorrow is a THE DAY.

And we will Take It Back at home! Let’s Go!

Hey, they took 2 out of 3 at Yankee stadium, yes it would of been nice to win there but now they can bring it home, be loud fans I live in Idaho so I will be yelling from my chair and TV. Even though they let the sleeping dog wake up. Nervous as he’ll know. Good luck Astros

Verlander was still lights out tonight. He saved Hinch from using a lot of relievers and they barely even worked very much to begin with since Peacock needed only 8 pitches to go 1-2-3. Also, 2 out of 3 wins on the road is pretty good πŸ‘

I know Alvarez is a great player, but man he needs to talk to the hitting coach or something? And Yuli too!

I so hope NY wins this series now. Just to teach Houston a lesson on how to close a series out. Even if Houston wins, they lose because their pitching doesn't line up against Washingtons. They fukd up tonight. Should of closed it out.

Glad it’s coming back home. The Houston fans have way more class then the Yankee fans. Let’s finish it Astros!

We just lost tonight to the new York Yankees at Yankees stadium in new York city we had to win at minute maid park in downtown Houston Texas tomorrow night hashtag take it back go Astros

Poppy is right. Pitch your most dominant pitcher on the planet. He is young. I mean what one more day gonna do. Really. Pitch Cole Cole Cole. One more day gives Chapman a days rest to face Cole. Pitch Cole now. Come on man. Get Alvarez out and DH Tucker or Diaz or Jake M. At least they get on

It’s all good! The Astros won 2 out of 3 at Yankees stadium after nearly every national sports analyst it seemed, was saying how the atmosphere there would make it hard for the Astros to play well. The Astros took care of business in NYC and are in control of the series.

It was gonna be hard sweeping them at their stadium. We can still win

Gonna have to start doing much better with runners in scoring position. Below a 100 average isn't cutting it

2 wins in New York still impressive...we got this htown! And DO NOT sink to NYY fans level and be nasty fans, keep it classy, have fun and try to win! #takeitback

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5 hours ago

Houston Astros

#Astros discuss ALCS Game 5 with the media. ... See MoreSee Less

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Lets show the yankees our houston strong, attitude, when they come here, lets cheer for our team, and have class and humility as we send them packing that L back home.

1 run on 5 hits. NY got lucky with a 3- homer. They only had 5 hits as well. Just got the right swing. Chirinos got a couple more feet and this game might still be going 🀷‍♀️

Yordan great reg season, worst designated hitter in playoff history - imagine your designated hitter at 7 spot!! Give Tucker or Diaz a try for a game or two.

JV had one rough inning and then a goos overall game! We needed more hits was the biggest problem.

Play your kind of ball tomorrow Boys?! We love you and KNOW you can do it! No better place to clinch than at Home!!!πŸ§‘βšΎπŸ’™

This game was lost in the first inning. The Astros bats have once again been neutralized. Maybe it's for the best. The Nationals would embarrass them.

When Altuve was up, I couldn't believe the chants! C'mon people, there are kids at the game!

Love the Stros, but Yordan’s “rookie-ness” is showing. Ride the pine 1 game

Well since we will have a game six I’m so happy Houston will benefit from it! Hotels, restaurants, ticket sales, etc!

I cant stand the Yankees and how disrespectful there fans are! Astros are coming home to take the series at home! Go astros..

All u negative Nancy's! The Astros are just fine! Will win tomorrow or Sunday and go back to the World Series! U gotta believe!!!

They just want to win and celebrate with there home crowd πŸ’™πŸ€˜πŸΌ we got this guys 2019 world series trip begins tomorrow after the game πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ†

Still love the ASTROS we can win back home, Have a safe trip and we've got this tomorrow!

JV did great! Unfortunately all it took was that one bad inning! 😒

We love our Astro's!!....We will win it at home and celebrate here in H-Town!!

Get em tomorrow. Three in a row at Yankee Stadium 🏟 was a lot

I love my Astros no matter what. 2 wins in NY is awesome. Now we'll win game 6 at home.

Astro’s let’s wrap this up tomorrow night just get those bats moving and scoring. Love you ASTROS ❀️

Yall were awesome. Come home and win it all in Houston where you are loved. ❀️

Come home, we will celebrate on our field.

I was kinda surprised pitching coach doesn’t come out after a HR, hit and a double. I know it’s JV, but c’mon, he could have used some breathing here before the game got to be unreachable

Let’s think about a new DH. Love Alvarez, but he’s not helping his team 😏

No energy- should have had “go for the throat” mentality.

Verlander did great. That first inning was rough.

Have Faith ! Just BELIEVE and Pray for them to do it in our hometown. I believe.

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5 hours ago

Houston Astros

Back to our house. ... See MoreSee Less

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Come home, guys! We love you and we can take 'em down in our house!🧑

Come on back to Houston and we will show you all alot of love. We love our Astros and we have true Siuthern hospitality here.

It's always great being back in Houston because the fans get excited for every little thing it's so awesome its time to end this tomorrow

Come home guys! The Cole train is in our house tomorrow! Love our Astros!!!

We need to be loud tomorrow! Back home for the win.

Houston's Home! Different Climate! Better Fans! We Got This!

Winning all 3 games in New York would have been amazing but highly unlikely. So glad we got two out of the three and can finish this at home with fans cheering them on

We still love you guys! Come on home and win for us!

Would have liked to have won it here, but if we had been told we would come home having won two out of three in the Bronx we would have all been delighted. We did great - now time to come home and win it in front of the home crowd! πŸ‘

Verlander, thanks for taking two for the team so we can celebrate at home!! We know you got much more that you’re saving for the WS!!!!

We’ll get them at home! No biggie!!

Come on home! It's always better to win at home. πŸ™‚

Come home we need to win in our house πŸ™πŸ»πŸ§‘

Yes!!! Where the people are nicer. And the weather is warmer.

Come on home guys! You’ll get this done. If anyone is negative on here, ask them to step up & do better! You’re our team! We believe in you!

Was good to see Verlander bounce back from that 1st inning. But, sheesh, it was excruciatingly painful to watch our guys not score another freakin run! Back home tomorrow. Take care of business, 'Stros. Get 'er done!

I'd rather they seal the deal at home anyway, in front of their own fans

God I’ve seen the last of Alvarez I hope. Why is he still in the lineup. He can’t hit a cheeseburger

We can win this series. I just hate that our guys aren't getting any rest.

That's ok, we needed another home game, so we can back up the money truck to help pay Cole during the winter.

We just couldn’t get the ball to fly our way tonight. The offense hasn’t been the same this postseason, and yet we’ve managed to win plenty. Game 6, let’s close it out!

Wish it was a win in NYC but at least the fans in Htown are nice!

Maybe if Alvarez, Yuli, and Bregman would contribute just a little bit, they can win tomorrow.

We gave one game up in there house. Ain't nothing to be sad at home we dominate.

Back home for the win!! Cheering y’all on from the state of Mississippi!!!

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8 hours ago

Houston Astros

Free and easy, like the two-step.

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Well with Verlander starting off on the wrong foot giving up 4 runs in very first inning and Wonderboy as usual striking out and aready runners left stranded this series is going back to Houston.

Verlander picked a great day to not show up.

I could still be pitching if I was getting Paxton's strike zone. When the players are telling the ump it isn't a strime and the announcers are agreeing, maybe the moment is too big for this guy

The plate appearances so far tonight have been disgraceful. If someone is lucky enough to even get on base, everyone else forgets how to hit a baseball.

Verlander laying an egg. Needs to keep the game within reach.

Down by 3 runs and Chirinos and Diaz swinging for the fences.

Time for Yordan and Yuli to grab some pine. This series is too big for Yirdan and he’s folded. Yuli’s too old.

Alvarez isn't ready for the postseason. Get this dude out of the lineup. And thanks, JV, boy you really shut them down after digging us a hole in the 1st. πŸ™„πŸ™„ What a truly pathetic effort all around with a WS trip on the line. Hinch continues to be one of the worst big game managers in the MLB.

I feel like Verlander always starts off shaky and then settles in. Hopefully this is the only 4 runs the rest of the game.

And the offense is tanking big time. A bunch of sub 150 batting averages and a few sub 100. Good going Yuli and Alvarez.

Best of luck for the game today guys from me here in Adelaide again watching

I have said it before, and I don’t expect to lose the series, but if we do lose, the major reason by far is, how atrocious Alvarez has been in the box. He is terrible.

Some one should have told JV to show up.

Do what you love, do what comes naturally, have a great time!!! Astro fans are behind you!!!!

Bad enough the offense shuts down again but now we have to hear the announcers already talking about the games this weekend at MMP. It’s only 4-1 in the 4th and it’s like the Yankees have already won this game but last night in the 9th they were talking about the Yankees have the firepower to comeback and the game wasn’t over

“Oh cool! Joe Buck is back!” -Said No One Ever

Wonderboy and Gurriel have been total disappointments in this serie both in a deep deep slump.

You knew they were due. Should’ve started Peacock and saved Verlander and Cole for game 6 and 7

Hinch can't have Alverez in next game. Im sorry but he isn't producing when we need him to. Diaz needs to DH.

Alvarez needs to hit the ball or ship back out the minors!

This team gave up after the first inning. Verlander has settled down yet they can’t even chip away with one run here and there.

This could go 7 games, right now game 7 tickets start at 120 dollars on vivid...

Where is Diaz and Tucker...probably better that Alvarez...who hasn't shown ANYTHING in many o fers.

Gurriel has to come alive. Batting at the 5 spot, he's been silent with a lot of LOB's.

Game 6 bound. Top of the order can’t get a bat on a pitcher you’ve seen for the 3rd time. Not the Astros night. Would have liked the W but not remotely close to panic time. Let’s go Astros!

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Houston. Tomorrow. Game 6. 


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10 hours ago

Houston Texans

Friday's #HOUvsIND injury and game status report.

πŸ“‹ Β» bit.ly/2Clj4VM
... See MoreSee Less

Fridays #HOUvsIND injury and game status report.

πŸ“‹ Β» bit.ly/2Clj4VM

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Let’s get those colts. And play good defense and offense.

I am getting ready, my favorite Jersey is clean

Thank you CBS for airing this game in Big D! GO TEXANS!

Texans all the way baby DW#4 no DOUBT

From buffalo and lets go texans

Big play Kenny!

Texans will win. Go Texans

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Friday's #HOUvsIND injury and game status report.

πŸ“‹ » bit.ly/2Clj4VM
Thursday's #HOUvsIND injury report.

πŸ“‹ » bit.ly/2Clj4VM

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4 hours ago

Houston Rockets

π™Ώπšπ™΄πš‚π™΄π™°πš‚π™Ύπ™½ β˜‘οΈ

πŸ“Š Harden 44PTS
πŸ“Š Capela 20PTS/14REB

... See MoreSee Less

π™Ώπšπ™΄πš‚π™΄π™°πš‚π™Ύπ™½ β˜‘οΈ

πŸ“Š Harden 44PTS
πŸ“Š Capela 20PTS/14REB


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Congratulations Big Rockets !!!!Love Always Ricky Reeves Mom

Great defensive effort tonight. We only gave up 133 points. πŸ˜‚

Yes! What a great win Houston Rockets..great job guys..

amazing defense. lol

Looking forward for especially Chris Clemons in the Season

Nice to Brodie Hitting his Shot. #WhyNot. Also Thanks For The Badge.

The preseason isn't over yet??? Jeez...when does the regular season start? I was thinking early to mid October!

The Rockets are more than ready for the regular season!

Good now trade capella so we can get started

One mission! ♥️

I'm ready. I just got my rockets gear from Baybrook

Was this a shooting contest

It's sad to see these high scoring games which means that nobody plays defense it's all offense dam ba just isn't what it used to be I want to see defense just as much as offense I don't want to see the score to be 200 to 300 when are teams going to start playing defense and start holding other teams to under a hundred like it used to be back in the day

These games have been so ridiculously high scoring gotta get back on D. I know its preseason so I dont really care but. Ya know.

We need to start defence period, least we’re getting contributors with the scoee

The Beard Ready for the seasonπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

Lot of opponents scored a lot of points a game so far. You boys better tighten up the defence.

4-2 record for the preseason. That’s pretty good πŸ‘

What channel was this on. My DVR didnt record


Did it the Harden way

In regular season i think harden average 40ppg

If someone besides Harden gets MVP of the preseason I’m going to cause a riot.

Muy buen partido, aunque me coraje algunas veces

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7 hours ago

Houston Rockets

Houston Rockets vs Miami Heat ... See MoreSee Less

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Thank you for sharing and let's get this ring Russell Westbrook and James Harden! πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’ŽπŸ’πŸ†πŸš€

Good freaking game barely no turnovers ,defense is good and we’re passing the ball this is how we need to play!!πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

We have to be the kings of evaporating 20 point leads so quickly. Countless amount of times last season we watched first half leads we built diminished within minutes 🀦‍♂️

pinoy here. but i grew up in Houston, Texas πŸ˜ƒ 🀘🏼. Representing Alief

thank you for the live coverage... Go houston !!!

We shall see I cant wait for this season! They need to break the golden state curse fr

Am I seriously able to watch this game on a live stream?? Will all their games be here? Please someone tell me!!!!πŸ™‚

Miami fought hard but Harden is just way too much! Jimmy sat this one out once he seen the schedule.

good luck during the season to the Heat fans. and Let's go Rockets!

Julius Hammermüller green is injured.. he will be out for the rest of the season

Houston should be pissed, only leading by 5 against a miami team without butler in the game. And rockets have their allstar on the floor

Harden is great and so ready for the season, but he needs help!

123 points is too much to be giving up, if our defense doesn't get better we will be @ the bottom of the WEST

Really he just cooked the heat? Butler dragic are resting πŸ˜‚

Terrible charge call. Olinek was moving. Can't watch NBA with that kind of referee-ing.

We are the best Miami James harden isn't the MVP Tyler herro will be the next MVP

Whos going to the game on saturday???? ITS GOING TO B SCARY like westbrook said

The real loser tonight is Rockets with westbrook and Rivers injury while Butler, Waiters, Dragic are resting.

Why they always got to break a break when James starts getting hot lol let the man ball.πŸ˜‚πŸš€

I hope everyday like this free stream

This is a Rockets page, but i see a lot of haters here 🀷🏼‍♂️

Harden needs to let westbrook handle the ball more. He needs to be more active off the ball!!

Harden doing work. He needs to get others involved now.

Westbrook is setting y'all up make the shot!

That’s what we need from chapels yesss.πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

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π™Ώπšπ™΄πš‚π™΄π™°πš‚π™Ύπ™½ β˜‘οΈ

πŸ“Š Harden 44PTS
πŸ“Š Capela 20PTS/14REB

#OneMission πŸš€

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Our free Halloween Town tickets to Sugar Land residents are officially SOLD OUT!

You can still purchase tickets online at sugarlandskeeters.com/halloweentown or at our TDECU Ticket Office at Constellation Field! We'll see you next weekend!
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Our free Halloween Town tickets to Sugar Land residents are officially SOLD OUT!

You can still purchase tickets online at sugarlandskeeters.com/halloweentown or at our TDECU Ticket Office at Constellation Field! Well see you next weekend!

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Got mine thanks Constellation Field

Wishing a happy birthday to Skeeters pitcher #26 Daniel Gibson! #SkeeterBirthdays πŸŽ‰ ... See MoreSee Less

Wishing a happy birthday to Skeeters pitcher #26 Daniel Gibson! #SkeeterBirthdays πŸŽ‰

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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday πŸŽπŸŽˆπŸŽŠπŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰

Happy Birthday πŸŽ‚ 🍻

Another Year Older.... Where did the year go? Happy Bday!!!

Happy Birthday Daniel and many many more

Happy birthday!!!!

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This is special. Look for your copy. ... See MoreSee Less

This is special. Look for your copy.

Hey fans! Here's the schedule for the Astro's and their WIN of the 2019 World Series. ... See MoreSee Less

Hey fans! Heres the schedule for the Astros and their WIN of the 2019 World Series.

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WILD CARD Tuesday 10/1: Milwaukee at Washington, 8:08 p.m. ET, TBS Wednesday 10/2: Tampa Bay at Oakland, 8:09 p.m. ET, ESPN

1 month ago


This is at Minute Maid Park.Our first ever Walk to End Distracted Driving is almost here. Register to participate in this free, educational event at bit.ly/34wcKoq ... See MoreSee Less

This is at Minute Maid Park.